NRA Membership

Yesterday I received my NRA membership card (and a lot of other NRA paper) in the mail.  So I’m officially a card-carrying member!  I joined online back on June 30, and I had a feeling the card was coming because a couple days prior I received this nifty hat:

Need to know if I'm an NRA member?  Just read this nifty hat.

Need to know if I'm an NRA member? Just read this nifty hat.

But joining the NRA isn’t all gift hats and decals for your back window.  It’s about supporting your right to bear arms.  I love how some people just dismiss the 2nd Amendment as a leftover scrap from revolutionary days.  Why?  Because we’re too “modern” and sophisticated to worry about things like invading countries or violent criminals, right?  Wars don’t happen to us, we’re Americans!

Throughout history, civilizations have cycled in and out of prosperity, but everyone always thinks the time they live in is different.  It’s not.  We were attacked on our own soil on 9/11.  Luckily the threat of outside invaders seemed to rally people into working together instead of against each other.  Katrina was another matter, with rampant theft, looting, and violence.  I wonder how many people would have wished for the security of a basic firearm as they played the urban survival game, hiking their families and belongings to shelters?

Things will not get better right away.  The current economic climate is still crashing, and we will see levels of desperation in people that we haven’t had to deal with before.  During depressions, many more people find themselves with a “legitimate” reason to steal.  And the more you’ve prepared yourself and your family, the more someone has to gain by robbing you of your supplies, and possibly your life.

I’m glad I live in a state that allows concealed carry.  I plan to get the permit very soon.  Ideally, I wouldn’t need a permit with my name and fingerprints on file, but I’ll take what I can get.  What if just one in four people carried a weapon?  Criminals would think twice about robbing a business when chances are excellent some of the victims will be armed as well as they are.  And how far would the vigilante shooters at Virginia Tech and the Omaha mall have gotten if just one of the dozens of people they terrorized had the firepower and basic marksmanship to take them down?

I get fired up about this stuff.  I’ll end with one final fact.  Stricter gun laws only restrict law abiding citizens. They don’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  Concealed carry laws are a great example.  Anyone who ever robbed a store at gunpoint didn’t care about breaking the concealed carry law.  But the unarmed victims did.  That doesn’t seem fair.

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