Support the National Right To Carry Bill!

Normally, I try to just post once per day, but this is too important.  Gun Owners of America have an article about upcoming legislation to make concealed carry permits automatically reciprocal with other states.  This would allow concealed carry permits to work almost exactly like state-issued driver’s licenses.  Getting licensed in your home state allows you to drive in all states that issue licenses, with the condition that you obey the host state’s driving laws.

This is wonderful – it would mean that if I qualify for (and obtain) a concealed carry permit in my home state of Kansas, I would automatically be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in any other state that issues these permits.  Currently, Kansas only has concealed carry reciprocation with 23 other states, which is why I discussed the possibility of obtaining a second permit in Texas or Arizona to add their reciprocal states to the list.

The biggest gain for me would be Nebraska, which currently only issues concealed carry permits to residents, and refuses to recognize the permits of other states.  The new law would require reciprocal recognition.  This is great for states too, because it’s not a free pass.  I’d still have to obey the specific concealed carry laws of the state I’m visiting, which is fair.

You should read the article I linked to above, and ensure that your representatives support this important legislation.  Concealed carry holders have to pass written and shooting tests, submit their pictures and fingerprints, and pay hefty fees for the privilege.  Doing this once should be good enough for any other state in the U.S. to recognize.

As a side note, I just signed up for my concealed carry class today.  The process takes about three months, between waiting for the next available class and waiting up to 60 days for the state to issue the permit.  If you haven’t started already, do it now.

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