Weekly Survival Goals

This is my third posting today – excessive, I know.  But I’ve decided to start a regular thing called Weekly Goals, and it only seems right to start it on a Monday!  Every Monday I’ll post five goals related to survival that I want to accomplish by the end of the week.  Then I’ll go out and try to accomplish them.  I’ll probably fail a lot, so that might amuse you if you’re amused by that sort of thing.

Each week, I’ll review how I handled my last set of goals before outlining my new ones.  Since this is the first post and I don’t have a previous week’s survival goals, I’ll review my progress on my overall goals so far:

  1. Defense. I’ve spent the most time, money, and effort on this one.  That’s not a great investment, since it offers the least likely payout for the greatest expense.  So if anything, I’ve done too much.  That being said, I’m proud of what I’ve done!
    1. I bought a handgun (Glock 21SF, .45 caliber).
    2. I took a basics class to learn how to use it.
    3. I got an annual membership to my local shooting range.
    4. I practiced getting the gun out of the safe and loading it in the middle of the night, which I can now do in under 17 seconds.
    5. My target shooting was good to start (thanks to rifle/shotgun experience), but now I’m much better.
    6. I’ve registered for my Concealed Carry course.
    7. I’ve built up a good stock of ammo.
    8. I got my NRA membership.
  2. Disaster Preparation. I got my Red Cross certifications in First Aid, Adult CPR, and Child/Infant CPR.  I tried to register for CERT training, but they don’t have any courses scheduled in my area any time soon.  I hope to volunteer for the Red Cross locally, sometime soon.  I’ve stored 56 gallons of purified drinking water for emergencies, and put together an Altoids survival tin.  This goal has been pretty well on target.
  3. Fitness. I’ve totally horked this one.  I’d planned to lose more weight by now, but late night munchies have killed this.  On the plus side, I am getting more physically able, even if my appearance isn’t changing.  I can hike 8 miles, and my short-term walking pace has improved from 1,000 steps every ten minutes to 1,000 steps in just eight.
  4. Education. I’ve been reading a lot, from survival manuals from british survivalists like John Wiseman and Ted Wright to American Rifleman magazine, which I receive with my NRA membership and read cover to cover.  I just picked up the U.S. Military Pocket Survival Guide and The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide.
  5. Random. My last goal every week will either be from one of the four categories above at random, or possibly something totally unrelated.  I want to be sure I get something from every category every week, but I also might have something important that doesn’t neatly fit.  This week, it’s cleaning.  You can see a picture of my side of the bed, below.  It’s messy, and that’s what I’d have to stumble through in the middle of the night – twice – to get the safe key and return to the gun safe under the bed.  My car’s trunk is much the same way, and should I ever need to fill it quickly, the mess would get in the way.  I’ll clean both this week.

That’s my assessment of my progress so far.  Now for this next week’s goals.  They don’t need to be big, but I need to be doing something in each area.

  1. Defense. Buy another 200 rounds of ammo to replace what I’ve spent at the range, and add to my surplus.
  2. Disaster Preparation. Review CPR procedures, and be able to mime the entire process from memory.
  3. Fitness. Lose 2 pounds, walk over 5,000 steps a day, no matter what.  Drink only skim milk.  No pop, no desserts.
  4. Education. Read the preface and first two chapters of the U.S. Military Pocket Survival Guide.

Let’s see how I do.

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