Building Survival Fitness from a Rut

I made a commitment to get 5,000 steps in every day this week, no matter what.  The first test came tonight, after staying home all day and only having 1,300 steps counted.  The good news is that it feels like a plan, a routine.  I felt “commited” because this was the first time that the only reason I was exercising was to meet a rule I’d laid down for myself.  It’s easy to exercise when you feel like it, or to tack on extra steps throughout the day.  This was different, and better because I was exercising my will power at the same time.

It’s not all roses, though.  At nearly 300 pounds, I realize I’m in a fitness rut.  I define a rut as any situation where the further you dig yourself in, the less able you are to get out.  Like getting in shape – the more out of shape I am, the less active I’m able to be.  It’s the same for a financial rut where your problem is directly hurting your means to solve it.

If I have $10,000 in credit card debt, I can shore up extra money – maybe just $50 a month – and start paying down one card.  When that card is paid off, suddenly I have $150 a month to put toward paying off the next debt, and so on.  I think experts call it a debt snowfall, or something similar.  It’s the same for fitness.  I will leverage my current, meager abilities into more fitness, which I will reinvest into even better conditioning.

From here I rise.

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