Nebraska Recognizes Other States’ Concealed Carry!

It’s finally happened, and I’m thrilled!  My home state of Nebraska now recognizes most other states’ concealed carry permits.  This includes the states on either side of Kansas City, where I live.  I’m thrilled personally, because aside from the Missouri side of KC, Nebraska is the only other state I ever really visit.  Both my immediate family and my wife’s entire family are up there.  I’ll be hunting there in November, and with a little luck I should have my permit by then.

On a grander scale, looking at how this law affects more than just me: concealed carry permits from at least 34  states are now recognized by Nebraska.  They enacted basically the same law that Kansas did this year.  If another state has concealed carry requirements that are equal to or greater than our own, we recognize them as valid.  It took a while for the Nebraska Attorney General’s office to compile the list, but they finished it recently.

This is definitely a step forward, but I feel for states like Vermont that put no restrictions on a person’s right to concealed carry.  You don’t even need a special permit there.  Perhaps they should offer the option of a state sponsored permit expressly for the purpose of taking advantage of new reciprocity laws.  I’d spend money and take a class in order to open up more states I could carry in.  Heck, I’d toyed with the idea of an Arizona permit just for that reason.

Of course ultimately, I think it’s a person’s right to carry, and that means no state should be able to put any restrictions on that.  Between the certification (class and ammo, $120), filing fees ($150), and permit issuance ($20) It cost me almost $300 total.  I’ve spent all but the last $20, since I’m currently in the 45-90 day wait for the permit approval from the state.  This is cost prohibitive for many Americans, which isn’t right.

It’s only when criminals know there is a very real chance of victims being armed that it will begin to have the greatest impact on crime.  Who would rob a bank if you knew 2-3 of the customers on average were carrying guns?  That’s why Vermont’s law makes the most sense.

The one upside, for now, is that permits add legitimacy.  We can obviously see how states like Nebraska, Kansas, and others value requirements when deciding what other states to honor.  Also more businesses are taking down those no-gun signs from their doors, after responsible concealed carry holders explain the difference.  The general public is already prohibited from carrying in most states.  The sign only serves to restrict the people who have been properly trained, certified, and background checked.  No bank robber’s plans were ever foiled by a door sticker.

3 Responses to “Nebraska Recognizes Other States’ Concealed Carry!”

  1. David Says:

    Id Like to know how 25Lbs in 75 days is going ….I figure you’re somewhere around the halfway mark.

    • chubbysurvivalist Says:

      Sadly, that really didn’t go as I’d planned. Life has been busy, and I’ve let the fitness thing slip a little. Hopefully I’m getting back on track here 🙂

  2. Survival Bill Says:

    Its called character building sounds like your on the right track…

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