130 Chances, Day #1: Success

Monday was my first of 130 Chances to get into shape for the most physically demanding week of my year – Deer Season in the Nebraska Sandhills.  Even though this was the very day I conceived of the challenge, I didn’t want to let the very first chance slip by.

I’m fortunate to work from home, so I took my lunch break on the elliptical machine in the basement before driving to my local grocery store for a salad.  I also setup some rules for my experiment.  After all, what constitutes whether or not I took advantage of a chance, or wasted it?  So I’ve posted the rules below.  If I achieve all of them in a day, I’ve succeeded.  If I miss a lot, I failed.  And if I miss one or two, I’ll have to make a judgement call as I go.

The Rules

  1. Workout first thing in the morning.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast – high protein, or slimfast if it needs to be quick.
  3. Secure a healthy lunch *before* lunchtime. That means a salad most days, picked up *before* I start work for the day.
  4. Stop eating dinner before I feel full.
  5. Eat no other meals. Evening snacking is a big problem for me.
  6. No milk to drink, with the exception of slimfast shakes at breakfast. I tend to guzzle this stuff.
  7. No f***ing candy. Just don’t do it. You think you’ll stop, but you won’t.

The First Day

Monday was an unusual day. By luck, I ate a decent breakfast. And even though it was mid-afternoon when I got off my ass, I stopped work to work out for 20 minutes. That’s a lot at this point (sadly), and I don’t want to kill myself by overdoing it in the early, fun stages.  There will be plenty of time for pain.

I then got a salad, even though my inclination was to grab some junk from the kitchen. It was already 3pm, late for lunch, but I made myself go the salad route.  I knew I was going to have a late dinner anyway.

Mondays, I usually meet with a client in the evening.  After the meeting, he invited the small team out to dinner. I had a steak. This is not my normal life, this was quite a treat, and the steak was awesome.  It was also well-portioned, I ate the salad that came with it, and aside from a single small pimm’s cup (awesome british drink) it was all I consumed.

When I got home, there was an open bag of starbursts on the kitchen counter.  I grabbed a handful, poured some water, walked to the living room, put down the water, and walked back into the kitchen to return the candy. I’d picked it up without even really thinking about it!

After returning to my chair to watch some TV before bed (needed to unwind) I did a mental walkthrough of my usual routine. I’ll start with a small snack, but then there’s 10 minutes of the show left when I’m done.  So I grab something else to snack on.  The show ends, but I still have food left. No joke, I’ll go back and forth like this sometimes for 2-3 extra shows, eating the whole time. Yes, I understand just how stupid it sounds when you see it in writing.

In short, Monday was a total victory.  Onward and upward!

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