130 Chances, Day #2: Success

Day 2 of any challenge is always a critical point, right? You’ve had a chance to sleep on the original idea, plus anybody can change their routine for a day. But will you do it another day, in a row?  I did.

Tuesday started out right away with an obstacle.  I woke up late, probably due to the cigar after dinner which kept me awake the night before. Now I was faced with a commitment test: I’m going to be even later starting work if I do my workout and drive to get my salad as planned.  But I managed to do it anyway, and it wasn’t too bad.

I have to look at it this way: it’s much more destructive to my productivity to stop in the middle of the day, get changed, and do my workout then.  Better to get it over with. Same with getting lunch.  I’ve noticed now that I’m getting it before lunchtime, I’m eating lunch *on time* instead of putting it off until 2-3pm.  That means I’m hungrier when dinner rolls around, so I eat enough that it’s easier to get through the evening without snacking.

I’d gotten in the habit of eating a light dinner because I’d only had lunch a couple hours before.  Dinner is when my life snaps back to reality and I’m on my family’s schedule again.  Working from home makes my days kind of free-form, which isn’t always a good thing for healthy habits.

I’m also refining my “no milk to drink” policy.  It’s really “drink only water”, with the exception of the occasional (2-3 times per week) alcoholic beverage, and a reasonable morning coffee.  No sugared up frappuccino from starbucks. This is easy, because we have an espresso machine and I can control everything I put into it.

FYI, if the espresso machine sounds fancy, it’s actually very practical.  If you ever get mochas, lattes, or cappuccinos from coffee places, you pay about $4-5. A nice machine at Wal-Mart (the best of the worst, heh) will cost you about $50-60. Even buying the *nice*, grind-it-yourself coffee at the grocery store, it’s going to pay for itself in the first 15-20 uses. If you have a wife, you can score some points and justify the cost even faster by making two every morning 🙂 The other big benefit is that it’s slightly more work than brewing a traditional pot of coffee, so you don’t overdo it.  I used to brew a whole pot of coffee, and end up drinking the whole thing throughout the day.  This way, if I really need an afternoon pick-me-up, I weigh it against the effort to make another serving.

By all accounts, today was a success.  I think I’m going to add another rule though, that I would have broken last night: go to bed before midnight.  So far so good!

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