130 Chances, Day #3: Mostly Positive

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and I kept myself out of trouble mostly by working the first part of the day.  I got up, and did my workout.  It wasn’t pleasant.  I’m in that first patch of soreness where your body isn’t used to the effort *and* your muscles are tight.  I also tried something new: I added video to the routine.  Only video.  Let me explain.

A couple years ago we bought a tablet PC, like an iPad but cheaper.  I’m a computer geek (personally and professionally) and I was enamored that it was roughly half the price, but had twice as powerful hardware.  Unfortunately, it also had terrible software, and so we haven’t used it for much of anything.

One of the original ideas was to watch videos while working out on the elliptical machine, but all the big video outlets – Netflix, Hulu, Youtube – see this tablet as a “mobile device” like a phone, even though it isn’t. It can only connect to the internet through our home network, just like all our other computers. But because it *looks* like a mobile device to the Internet, the major players block a lot of content.  At the time, neither Netflix nor Hulu even supported the device, and probably still don’t.

I decided to play a little legal leapfrog here, and downloaded the entire series of Futurama from a torrent site. If you’re not familiar, I basically downloaded without paying.  However, it’s a bit of a gray area because we *have* a Netflix account that would let me watch every episode of the show on my TV upstairs. But Netflix doesn’t work on my tablet, so I’m just watching stuff I’ve already paid for the right to watch.

I’ve seen most of these episodes already, which is perfect.  I won’t be tempted to watch them at other times, but they will be interesting enough to help the time pass more quickly during workouts.  Futurama will be my workout-only treat.  Unfortunately, yesterday I got downstairs only to realize the video worked fine (like I said above), but there was no *audio* – no sound! I watched the pilot episode mostly lip-reading a cartoon (heh) and going from memory.  It still helped a little.  Later in the day, I fixed the sound issues, so tomorrow’s workout will be better.

The Food

I’m happy to say I stuck to almost all of my rules, and only fudged one.  I got my workout in, only ate during planned meals, and only drank water.  But I ate more at dinner than I should have, due to the table-wide 4th of July spread my wife put together. Lots of meat/cheese/crackers, chips and dip, etc.  Still, I think I usually did worse at my average dinners.  I also got to bed late, but not too bad.

Revised Rules

After living with the rules a couple days, I’m revising them:

  1. Work out for at least 20 minutes before anything else.
  2. High-protein or slimfast breakfast.
  3. Procure lunch before lunchtime.
  4. Stop eating dinner before you feel full.
  5. Eat no other meals.
  6. Drink nothing but water, reasonable morning coffee, and occasional alcoholic beverage.
  7. Avoid sweets, even at meals. They trigger a craving for more.
  8. Go to bed before midnight.

Based on these, I scored 6/8 for Day #3. I ate until I was full, and went to bed late.  Still a pretty good day.


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