130 Chances: Week 1 Summary

My first week of chances went amazingly well.  My official weigh-in Monday morning put me at 303 pounds – down seven!  My plan is to be in the 290’s during August, the 280’s during September, the 270’s in October, and the 260’s for deer season.  That’s averaging 10 pounds/month, which is pretty ambitious to keep up several months in a row.

Luckily, I think I have a great head start this month.  I’m hoping to be in the 290’s as early as next week, which would give me over six weeks to reach my next milestone.

So far, I’ve done surprisingly well with the parts of my plan I thought would be the hardest.  I’ve gotten up every morning to work out, I haven’t snacked at all outside of meals, and I’m solidly in the habit of going to bed before midnight.  Last night, it was even before 11:30! That’s  a big deal for me, I’m a night owl.

Sunday, I had trouble getting lunch ready ahead of time, and ran short of time altogether.  I ended up getting a big mac meal.  Other than that, I was pretty solid with my rules.  I think the results on the scale proved that.

It’s amazing, as I write this it’s tuesday morning and I’ve only been on the elliptical machine nine times in nine days.  That’s not very long in terms of building muscle or lung capacity, but I started to feel better almost immediately.  Part of it is perception – I went from avoiding physical effort throughout the day to welcoming it.  When you’re actively trying to get fit, you appreciate the longer walk to the store from the back of the parking lot, etc.

Aside from the almost immediate psychological boost, I literally feel like I’m in better shape, just over a week later.  It might be because I’ve been down this road before, and my body knows the drill.  My muscle memory has kicked in, so the elliptical isn’t as effort-intensive as it was the first few days.  And losing even a token amount of weight makes me feel less “full” and bloated around the clock.

Not a bad start.

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