A Slow Juice Fast

Gallagher once said, “Why do they call it fasting when it goes so damned slow??” Amen to that. But my recent fitness efforts have stalled out, and I’m looking for answers.

I found inspiration in an ironic place: Netflix, the lazy man’s best friend. I stumbled across the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead“. I’m a programmer, and I was killing time waiting for some very slow scripts run, so I watched it in 10-15 minute chunks. It really spoke to me.

First off, let me say that I know a lot of people saw the film and interpreted it as a 90 minute infomercial for the juicer industry. I didn’t. I saw a guy who weighed about what I do when he started out (around 310 pounds), and documented his journey.

People also criticized it for following the Supersize Me format almost to the letter, but I ask you: who had the tougher job? The guy gaining 20 pounds eating fast food, or the guy losing 100 pounds eating raw fruits and vegetables? There’s only one of these challenges I want to imitate, and for that I can forgive any lack of originality.

That said, I’m taking up Joe’s challenge to go on a juice fast. This is not what I’ve traditionally considered “juice” – I always thought of store-bought, high-sugar fruit juices, but Joe’s secret to success was home-juicing lots of fresh vegetables, and a moderate amount of fruit. And eventually, he added whole, raw fruits and vegetables to his diet. The juice-only regimen was a temporary kickstart. That seams sensible.

I’m well known among friends and family for running hot or cold. I’ll fall in love with something (elliptical machine, walking, hiking, boating, camping, fishing, etc) and do it to death before abruptly abandoning it. My hobbies run in fast, furious streaks. So I can’t promise how long I’ll do this, or how faithful I’ll be to the diet. But I’m willing to do what Joe asked – I’m willing to TRY.

Tonight my wife helped me with the first batch, and we tried a sample. It was good! We’re using a blender for now, which I kind of like because it’s easier to clean and you get the benefit of digesting the pulp as well as the juice. But we might be getting a juicer this week if I stick to the diet for at least a day, heh.

My first batch (tomorrow’s juice) is Joe’s own Mean Green Juice, and it’s much tastier than I thought it would be. So here goes! My starting weight is 315, and hopefully at the end of the week I’ll start to see some progress.


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