Slow Juice Fast: Day 1

I’ve completed my first day of drinking only juice that I make at home using fresh vegetables and fruits. The emphasis is heavily on green vegetables – kale, celery, cucumbers, etc. Apples and a smaller dose of lemons really help turn them from tasting completely like lawn clippings to something rather tasty.

The first half of the day, I was actually drinking “smoothies” made in our blender. There are lots of arguments that this is better for you than throwing out the pulp like you do with a juicer. And there are lots of arguments for using a juicer as well, but it boiled down to me owning a blender and not a juicer. And by “drinking”, I mean “chewing”, because there’s a lot of pulp!

So what happened the second half of the day? We got a juicer 🙂 I told Mrs. Survivalist that I know I tend to dive head-first into new hobbies and interests, but I would hold off on getting a juicer until I’d done the fast for a few days first. She replied that she’d been wanting a juicer for a while. I picked one up over lunch, and man alive – there’s a big difference.

Blender vs Juicer

I think ultimately if you’re going to turn eatables into drinkables, the blender is probably the better way to go because it’s closer to the way God intended. I’m a meat and potatoes guy, but I’m becoming a big fan of natural foods (including meat and potatoes). So the blender does some of the chewing for you, but largely leaves your vegetables intact. Blenders are also easier to clean, and it doesn’t take as many vegetables to make the same sized drink.

That being said, sometimes we have to embrace our inner Lazy Bastard, and it doesn’t get more convenient than a juicer. The extra cleanup pales in comparison to how fast it works. My wife and I took forever trying to blend kale, even with other juicer ingredients. The juicer handled it all smoothly and easily. And it was delicious! It was also much easier to consume. At times, I had to resort to using a spoon to consume my blended smoothies. Then poof, it becomes less like drinking juice and more like eating cold, unsalted vegetable soup.

The Results

I felt pretty good yesterday. A friend and I talked about buying cattle to raise on his acreage, so there were a couple hours of really wanting steak. I’m the kind of guy who REALLY misses his meat on Lenten Fridays. But aside from being hungry late afternoon, I felt pretty good all day. No headaches, my energy was great, and I’m down 3.3 pounds. Yes, I know about losing water weight etc, but it’s still a good start.

I ended the yesterday by juicing today’s entire diet. It’s not as good out of the fridge as it is right out of the juicer, but I don’t have the time to juice 3-4 separate times a day. As messy as the juicer is, it’s much more practical to juice in bulk.

So far, so good.


3 Responses to “Slow Juice Fast: Day 1”

  1. Juice Faster Says:

    Hi, Best of luck on your Juice Fast and congrats on the 3.3lb weight loss already. What type of juicer did you get ?

    • chubbysurvivalist Says:

      Thanks! I bought the Breville BJE200XL, their “compact” model. It runs about $100 online and locally at Crate & Barrel. The online reviews for this brand are amazing.

      The lady at the store told me I should get the next size up if I planned to juice a lot of greens. I told her I absolutely want to, but if I did that for everything I get interested in, I’d go broke 🙂

      If I stick with this, it’ll definitely be worth it to upgrade. I can already tell I’d like to have an external pulp catcher, dryer pulp, and to get a little more out of the dryer greens.

  2. Juice Faster Says:

    Brevilles are great juicers, good choice. Though if you do upgrade I would recommend a masticating kind – they are best for greens. But I wouldn’t consider that until your around 12 months down the road – not 12 months of continuous fasting of course 🙂 – but if your still incorporating juices into your diet…

    I look forward to seeing how long you fast for 🙂

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