Slow Juice Fast: Day 3

I’ve been fighting off allergies or something this last week. Maybe not the best time to start a juice fast. Other than the congestion, I feel good. Again, I haven’t felt super hungry or deprived, my energy has been good, and I’m even down about eight pounds. Granted, I know some/most of that is water weight, but still.

So my question is, should I continue the juice fast when I’m not feeling well? I’m not sure if this compromises my immune system at all. Heck, it may even help since I’m getting a lot more vitamins and other micronutrients (and sleep, for that matter) than I usually do. And this started *before* the juice fast, but wasn’t that bad. Overnight though, I got really stuffed up.

It’s 10:45am, and I still haven’t eaten anything. I slept in kind of late, and now I’m trying to decide what to do. Honestly, I’m just now starting to get hungry, and before that even an egg mcmuffin (a personal weakness of mine) didn’t sound appealing.

I’m going to make my juice for the day, and make my decision from there. I don’t want the temptation of some quick cereal or fast food to sway my choice. Once I have the juice, I can make a fair assessment about whether to drink it. I know it sounds backwards, but the temptation for fast food has been big the last few days.

Funny too, I hand’t realized until now that my cravings haven’t really been for home-cooked, well-balanced meals. They’ve been for junkier foods – fast foods, mac & cheese, a Red Robin burger, high-calorie mexican, etc. And not all mexican food is bad for you (especially in moderation), but the stuff I’ve been craving is. There’s a place near my office that makes these enchiladas – they’re filled with meat and cheese, then covered in more cheese. I’m pretty sure the tortillas are only there to structurally support more cheese.

So this tells me I’m on the right track – I’ve been missing the *bad* foods, and with good reason. I’ve been addicted to them for a long time.


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