Slow Juice Fast: Day 4

Day 4 is done!!! I was at my sickest last night. A lot of sinus congestion/pressure, and I was cold. No, I didn’t have a fever. Mrs. Survivalist already checked!

I debated yesterday morning whether to keep doing the juice fast or not. I decided to make the juice AND drink it, then make my decision. Diet decisions shouldn’t be made on an empty stomach. I decided to take it one meal at a time this way – consuming my juice, then deciding if I needed something more. I stayed with it all day.

I have to say, I feel really good after a juice. I’m not hungry, and I have energy. I don’t think my cold would have been any better off if I’d gone back to solid food. After a long night’s sleep, I feel better. Still sick, but better. So as long as I continue to recover, I don’t see a reason to abandon the fast. I think the worst is over.

My cravings have started to go away. I’ve been doing something I call the “cheeseburger test”. It started out by accident. I’d catch myself daydreaming about eating a double cheeseburger from McD’s. In the first few days, I could taste it, and it was delicious. Now, when I *try* to daydream about it, it doesn’t seem as appetizing. The same is true for most of my other trigger foods.

I never fully appreciated what it meant to be an alcoholic until I was overweight. I didn’t understand why they preach total abstinence over moderation. Now I get it. When you have an addiction, you’re at your weakest right after getting “just a taste”. It’s no different for me. One slice of pizza turns into several. Sometimes, as a last resort, you have to put some things completely off limits. It’s been a great exercise doing that with food for the last few days.


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