Slow Juice Fast: Days 5 and 6

The last couple of days have had a common theme: eating some solid food for dinner. In the strictest sense, I cracked 🙂 But overall, it hasn’t been too bad.  I was worried that if I ate anything, I’d start eating everything, but I didn’t. Both nights, I still had my juice first.

The first night, my wife stacked the deck against me. She was tired and still getting over her own cold, and ordered pizza.  I had two slices with dinner. I had a third slice later that night, because mentally I’d “broken the seal”.

The second night, I had a “handful” of scrambled eggs – yay protein – and half a bagel with so little cream cheese I chuckled at why I added it at all.  That was good, but later that night we watched a family movie, and I had a little more popcorn than I should have.

I was also interested to see if my weight loss would just evaporate once I took a bite of solid food, but that didn’t happen either.  I still lost half a pound the first day, and stayed the same the second. For the next day, I plan to completely fast again.  I’d like to jumpstart the loss again.  Here’s to getting back on the wagon!


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