Slow Juice Fast: Day 7

Yesterday I got “back on the wagon”.  Not that I’d really fallen that far off, but I did stick to my juice the entire day, and even got a 20 minute elliptical workout in.  The results didn’t show up on the scale – my weight remained unchanged – but I have to remember that losing 12 pounds in seven days is pretty good by any standard.

I’m still planning to juice, and “earn” reasonably-portioned solid meals with exercise. So, by the numbers:

  • 7 days of vegetable juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • 2 solid meals at dinner time.
  • 2 evening snacks, both on nights I ate food with dinner.
  • 12 pounds lost, from 315.2 to 303.2 pounds.

I’m not bothered by hunger much, or low energy at all.  Just the desire to eat. Just the habit. It’s been an interesting journey. I won’t be reporting on my progress daily anymore, but I will post updates regularly.  My short term goal is to get to 280 as quickly as possible so I can start running outdoors again.  I never used to like running – until I spent hours on an elliptical, staring at my basement wall 🙂


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