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CNN Money Tries to Cast Shadow On Gun Manufacturers

April 18, 2013

CNN Money published this article today:

Gun stocks lag after gun control bill fails

The article starts with a very ominous statement:

Gun sales have been driven by many new buyers, including women, who feared more gun restrictions. But with this incentive gone, the industry could be in trouble.

The author then tries to use statistics to convince you of this fact. I love statistics, because they allow liars to paint themselves into obvious corners. The article lists five companies, and their recent change in stock prices, from best to worst:

Company Stock Price Change
Smith & Wesson gained 1.3%
Ruger lost less than 1%
Olin Corp. lost 1.2%
Alliant Techsystems lost over 2%
Cabela’s lost almost 5%

First, you can’t measure ANYTHING on a single day’s stock movement. But let’s say you can. The theory is that gun/ammo sales have been hurt by the end of the “gun scare”, right? Then why is it that the three companies that sell guns/ammo exclusively have done the best out of these five, one of them even gaining stock price? In fact, the two that have dropped the most only get a *portion* of their sales from guns and ammo.

You’d think if gun/ammo sales were dropping off, the companies who ONLY deal in guns and ammo would be hit the worst, and companies who sell lots of other things might be affected very little, if at all.  But the reverse is true.

Why would the interwebs lie?

CNN is left-leaning, and this article is in their Money/Investing section. What better way to try to force a drop in stock for the companies you think are “evil”, than to take advantage of an arbitrary dip to try to scare shareholders into panic selling?

Friend or Foe – 2nd Amendment Collaboration

April 3, 2013

If Walking and and 2nd Amendment had a baby, it might just be Friend or Foe, a site that makes great use of Google Maps to let users post how carry-friendly businesses are.  As a web developer by day, I’ve thought of building something similar many  times, but never got around to actually doing it. Being the good sport that I am, I’m happy to support somebody who did…begrudgingly 🙂

When I found the site, I had fun marking all the places I’d been lately.  I mark most places as neutral if they don’t have any anti-carry signage, and therefore allow carry by default.  But I have the most fun marking places that I know are pro-gun; Bass Pro, Cabelas, even Wal-Mart because they’ve remained carry-friendly in spite of public and government pressures.  I also enjoy posting no-carry places, so others hopefully see them and avoid them.

What does this have to do with walking?

After marking all the places I knew from recent memory, I wanted to do more. Kansas City is littered with business parks, strip malls, and the like. I realized it would be great exercise to walk these places and verify their carry status. Driving doesn’t work – you can look for the official signage, but you won’t catch the many non-compliant custom signs or messages.

Walking past a couple dozen doors takes half an hour or so. It’s good exercise, it supports the 2nd amendment cause, and it removes my biggest obstacle to walking – boredom.  I hate walking the same route every day, or walking in circles with no purpose. This way I’m occupied writing down business names for a good cause, and never in the same place twice.

I hope you visit Friend or Foe, and look for me on the Top Contributors list – I’ve been hitting the pavement!