Buy 90% U.S. Silver Coins

These are the actual coins I sell, not a stock photo.

These are the actual coins I sell, not a stock photo.

I sell 90% silver U.S. coins on eBay to help support my addiction – hunting and camping gear 🙂 I give my previous customers the option of buying from me directly. It gives customers a better price, with no waiting.

Current Price: $29.50 per ounce, free shipping! (Buy Now)

I go the extra mile to ensure the quality and silver content of the coins I sell. You shouldn’t pay for gunk, and you should like what you see when you open your order. Silver is beautiful, and it should show! After acquiring my own junk silver, I put it through these quality steps:

  • I weed out the overly worn or damaged coins.
  • I remove tarnish with an electrochemical process that restores much of the coin’s beauty WITHOUT REMOVING ANY PRECIOUS SILVER.
  • I gently remove any loose debris with a water-based solution BEFORE I weigh your order.
  • I carefully weigh the exact coins you will receive. If some coins have lost too much of their weight through wear and tear, I replace them with newer, better ones.
  • I ship within 24 hours of payment! I take orders straight to the Post Office daily, rather than wait for them to come to me.

If you’re interested in acquiring quality silver, please contact me.  I’ll confirm that I have your order in stock, then send you a paypal invoice.  You can find me on eBay and see that I get nothing but positive seller feedback, but I can offer much better pricing when I don’t have to give eBay a cut 🙂

Currently I can sell 90% silver U.S. coins for $29.50 per ounce of coins ($1.15 face value), with free domestic shipping. The minimum order is two ounces.

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