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Friend or Foe – 2nd Amendment Collaboration

April 3, 2013

If Walking and and 2nd Amendment had a baby, it might just be Friend or Foe, a site that makes great use of Google Maps to let users post how carry-friendly businesses are.  As a web developer by day, I’ve thought of building something similar many  times, but never got around to actually doing it. Being the good sport that I am, I’m happy to support somebody who did…begrudgingly 🙂

When I found the site, I had fun marking all the places I’d been lately.  I mark most places as neutral if they don’t have any anti-carry signage, and therefore allow carry by default.  But I have the most fun marking places that I know are pro-gun; Bass Pro, Cabelas, even Wal-Mart because they’ve remained carry-friendly in spite of public and government pressures.  I also enjoy posting no-carry places, so others hopefully see them and avoid them.

What does this have to do with walking?

After marking all the places I knew from recent memory, I wanted to do more. Kansas City is littered with business parks, strip malls, and the like. I realized it would be great exercise to walk these places and verify their carry status. Driving doesn’t work – you can look for the official signage, but you won’t catch the many non-compliant custom signs or messages.

Walking past a couple dozen doors takes half an hour or so. It’s good exercise, it supports the 2nd amendment cause, and it removes my biggest obstacle to walking – boredom.  I hate walking the same route every day, or walking in circles with no purpose. This way I’m occupied writing down business names for a good cause, and never in the same place twice.

I hope you visit Friend or Foe, and look for me on the Top Contributors list – I’ve been hitting the pavement!